Lip Filler Injection Techniques

Lip filler injections have become a popular cosmetic procedure in recent years, aimed at enhancing the shape and volume of the lips using dermal fillers. In this blog, we’ll explore various techniques used by practitioners for lip filler injections.

Different Types of Lip Filler Techniques:

Linear Threading Technique

The linear threading technique is widely used for lip filler injections. It involves using a small needle to inject filler along the vermillion border—the line between the lips and the surrounding skin. This approach enhances the lip shape and creates a more defined border. The injector carefully follows the natural contours of the lips in a linear fashion, making this technique ideal for those seeking enhanced lip shape and definition.

Tenting Technique

The tenting technique involves injecting filler directly into the lip body to provide volume and fullness. A cannula, a small flexible tube, may be used to create small pockets of filler within the lip tissue. This method is perfect for adding volume or restoring lost volume due to aging or weight loss, resulting in a natural-looking enhancement and balanced lip asymmetry.

Fanning Technique

The fanning technique injects small amounts of filler in a fan-shaped pattern throughout the lip area, creating a natural-looking enhancement that blends seamlessly with the lips’ natural contours. The medical professional injects the filler in a fan pattern from one side of the lip to the other, making this technique suitable for those desiring a subtle enhancement without an overdone appearance.

Microdroplet Technique

The microdroplet technique involves injecting very small amounts of filler in multiple locations throughout the lips for a subtle and natural-looking enhancement. Tiny droplets of filler are spread evenly across the lips, making this technique ideal for those wanting a slight volume increase without a noticeable change in appearance.

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